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Moon Music Moon Music

Rated 4 / 5 stars

The moon just turned into Pacman!

The song started with a more empty feeling, shortly to be built on. The first time I heard the start, I felt it confused me a little, with some instruments holding a firm grip on more or less one single note, but the second time I listened to this song, I associated it with an empty mind, looking up and searching for the moon on the night sky, and then the sky becomes darker, deeper and is filled with eerie magic.

01:07 - I feel the song now starts properly and expresses some more emotion.

01:38 - Here it is as if your view enters space itself and you observe not just the moon, but several other planets. I feel I want to fly around and explore this mysterious adventure.

02:26 - I look back, and I can see the Earth. It is very bright, and it feels really magical to be looking back at the population that often also stares up towards the stars and sky.

2:58 - One word: Satellies!

Although several instruments varied and made the song give different emotions at different parts, the song still feels somewhat repetive.

In my opinion, this music could be very nice to combine with certain flash submissions. Perhaps one identical to my own feelings I described above?

I also liked how the instruments did not sound boring, but rather magical and all that. That is something my own projects lack, but I will be working on it.

Nice work. =D

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kingphilipx responds:

Thank you very much, how you've described the song is how i in the end intended the song to sound. Nice to see someone with an open mind showing great insight. Thanks and glad you like it :)

.Chocolectric .Chocolectric

Rated 5 / 5 stars

'tis awesome

Hiya again!

I did not download the first version, so I am not sure of all details that have changed. How much I like this song now, combined with how I shall not repeat mistakes, this shall instantly be downloaded!

Once again, the song starts, but I already know and really like the melody by this point (by listening to the previous version), so I feel it starts off really nicely - It does not start all that softly, but at the same time it is not a harsh and sudden start, it delivers you the full melody quickly in a very nice way.

Once again, 00:32 - 00:38 is the part I like even more, a "second start" if you will, and it hints towards that something even more exciting is going to happen, and I was not disappointed. The song blooms into more instruments, creates a really nice harmonic feel, and the solo is great and I feel it also suits really well for the climax of the song.

The song cools down in the end, and you never really notice it starting over again, making it seem eternal until actually shut off, and something about that I like. It could be used in a game, for instance, and not ending until the level or situation is over.

Sorry for being a wannabe (professional) reviewer, I just felt like giving it a try. Perhaps this may even be the inspiration I need to create my own next project.

Keep up the awesome work and good luck! =3

Manhart responds:

Hi Raddish.
Thanks for the awesome review! You reviewed it in your own way, and you did it well :)
I am glad you liked the song, and weren't disappointed at the "second start"
I will check out some of your projects too soon enough!

Fake Pokemon Battle Song Fake Pokemon Battle Song

Rated 5 / 5 stars


This is honestly really amazing! I always wanted to make my own "fake" Pokemon battle song, and probably will at some point too, but this one genuinely sounds like something that could have been in a new Pokemon game. Perhaps it would fit best either a rival or one of the bad organizations? =3

Hey, you should make another one! ^^