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Gledelig jul!

2010-12-24 17:20:43 by Radidsh

I have not been so active regarding music lately other than practising on a bass for a brief time daily (I am new to the instrument and am trying to get comfortable, etc!) However, I thought I should use the opportunity to wish everyone a merry Christmas and a happy New Year's! =)

Ha en gledelig jul og et godt nyttår, folkens!


2010-10-24 12:26:07 by Radidsh

I have never before entered any sort of contest before, and certainly never for any related to audio, flash and the like. I decided to jump into Newgrounds' Halloween audio competition! It was fun to participate in something as awesome as that, it feels good. Winning was never a goal of mine (actually, listen to my projects and you'll hear I'm not all-that good with music), but I wanted to have fun and be a part of something like that. Besides, perhaps some more will listen to my other projects then? ^.^ /371323

If you are reading this, and if you are in a Halloween-y mood, I hope you enjoy my entry for the contest!

See you around, and happy Halloween (for Norwegians: God allehelgensaften!)

Review theft

2010-10-10 11:57:52 by Radidsh

I have no idea how it happened, but apparently someone stole my review on a submission, had it removed, and posted it as his own review. This is quite frustrating how users can just do stuff like that. I do wonder how, though ...?

Jesus, guys. Type your own reviews, please, and do not take credit for others' work!

Edit: Apparently my review was not removed. It was just not showing, I forgot to click "show all reviews". Also, the duplicate has been deleted. Yay! ^^

Past projects, no more

2010-05-30 12:11:37 by Radidsh

I have officially decided to stop uploading audio projects that I finished in the past, and will start submitting only recent and new, fresh projects. It appears that Newgrounds listeners hate my past projects, (I did not know they were *that* bad, but a vote of "I hope you die in a fire" is pretty much a wake-up call) so I will do you a favour and only post fresh projects from this point on. I promise to do my best and improve myself to make better quality songs.

Just thought I should mention. =)

Radidsh aka. Diz signing out. *Salute*

Further tracking

2010-05-29 13:22:53 by Radidsh

It has been a while since I have worked on any audio projects. I am unsure whether to to another Pokémon "audio renewal" project, to change games and do one of the classic Star Fox tunes (as I really do love Star Fox and find it a real shame how none of the old tracks are used in newer games), or whether to just try making my very own composition.

The biggest problem of mine is just the feedback I have received on my audio projects that I have uploaded onto Newgrounds. I did notice that one of them, Sweet Wish, was used in a game, and it makes me really happy to know that my projects are used and that others like them. About the feedback part, not only on Newgrounds, but listeners have said that I need to improve my general quality, I need to be able to find better instruments and tweak them, adding effects, etc. I have no idea how to do that, and I have searched for free instrument packs for a while, but it is really limited what I can find, and I have no idea how to make my own instruments either. Some instruments have even been taken from the local computer's midi instruments.

I hope to train and become a good tracker (digital music composer) someday, make songs that even more people can enjoy. I wish to thank everyone who has listened to my projects and particularly those who have given me feedback. Perhaps I am submitting something else real soon! =D

Seeya later, and thanks for visiting my profile!


2010-02-23 16:44:28 by Radidsh

Hiya! I am Radidsh, also known as Diz at some places. I love playing games like Pokémon, Guitar Hero, Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Half-Life! It is nice to meet you!

Send me a PM if you would like to chat. Also, why not take a look at my submissions? So far I have made two classical NES sprite-based Super Mario Bros. flash movies, attempting some crazy humour somewhat. The rest of my submissions are songs and remakes of other videogame-ish tunes. I would really appreciate that. I want to make music that people enjoy listening to. =)

See you around!